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‘Tis the Season to be Merry

Time for the elixir known as Sherry

Nothing says Xmas like the wine from Jerez

But needs better PR,  I says

The wine your grandma drank each night

Has many styles, ferment’d to delight

Chilled Fino, the light dry one, with pre-dinner nibbles

And sweeter Amontillado might give you the giggles

Quaff dark Oloroso to enhance Christmas cake

Sip Cream as a nightcap, won’t keep you awake

Pair V.O.S to ice cream or vanilla brulée

Your tastebuds will awake, and say “hey, hey, hey“

Amaze and astound with dessert so wonderf’l

By pouring Pedro X as  partner to trifle

Including in cocktails makes you trés chic

Ole! Something different, an interesting tweak

Oh golden sherry –  oft overlooked taste

So versatile for cooking, won’t go to waste

Rediscover the wine made by Solera

With tradition and craft – Viva Espagna!

‘Tis the Season we all make merry

Go on, I dare you, uncork a Sherry

Have a safe and fun Holiday Season


Paul Rickett


Next free tasting is this weekend, Saturday November 28 2-5:30pm in store

Bleasdale Winery Portfolio tasting

The Bleasdale Winery produces wine in Langhorne Creek, South Australia. The Potts family have owned and made wine there for 5 generations. I had the pleasure of meeting Robbie Potts, brand ambassador and brother of the current winemaker, at a wine tasting in September. True salt of the earth character – one could easily visualise a bush hat with corks swinging from it as his normal attire 🙂

Planned for the tasting will be the following:

Chardonnay/Riesling blend (white)
Langhorne Crossing Shiraz/Cabernet/Malbec blend (red) – this is a popular wine in our store
Malbec – Although the winery has used Malbec in its blends for some years this is their first single varietal wine produced from this grape. I scored 2 cases out of 28 shipped to BC. Rivals Argentinian Malbecs and at under $20 and well worth trying.
Frank Potts – named after the founder of the winery, its 89% Cabernet Sauvignon 10% Malbec and 1% Petit Verdot/Merlot
Generations Shiraz – this is their icon wine – gorgeous.

All these wines are great value across a spectrum of style and price. Hope we’ll see you Saturday

Coming Up

Malbec Taste-Off on Saturday December 5th, featuring 3 Malbecs (so remember to make notes on the Bleasdale). Two will be from Argentina and one from Cahors in France – the spiritual home of Malbec. We will be sending an eGrapevine reminder next week on this one.

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