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To celebrate our new location, please join us on Saturday June 11 between 1pm and 5:30pm to sample sparkling wine from BC, Spain and Italy.

With our expanded store opening we will have:

  • Much larger selection of beers, ciders and coolers including Budweiser 8 pack cans on special at LDB price (while stocks last), upgraded selection of BC craft beers and ciders
  • New wines from BC and around the world plus wine specials at $9.47, $19.47 and $29.47
  • Expanded spirits section with all the necessaries for the “Cocktail Cabinet”

Lots of events being scheduled too in over the summer including:

  • Wine and Indian Food with Qui Café
  • Sherry tasting
  • Port & Chocolate with Cocoa West
  • Riedel glassware – taste the difference between Riedel and other glassware
  • BC wine fest (August in conjunction with BowFeast)
  • Unusual Grapes #3
  • Howe Sound Brewing beer tasting
  • … and more

Hope we’ll see all our regulars and lots of new friends too.

‘Tis the Season to be Merry

Time for the elixir known as Sherry

Nothing says Xmas like the wine from Jerez

But needs better PR,  I says

The wine your grandma drank each night

Has many styles, ferment’d to delight

Chilled Fino, the light dry one, with pre-dinner nibbles

And sweeter Amontillado might give you the giggles

Quaff dark Oloroso to enhance Christmas cake

Sip Cream as a nightcap, won’t keep you awake

Pair V.O.S to ice cream or vanilla brulée

Your tastebuds will awake, and say “hey, hey, hey“

Amaze and astound with dessert so wonderf’l

By pouring Pedro X as  partner to trifle

Including in cocktails makes you trés chic

Ole! Something different, an interesting tweak

Oh golden sherry –  oft overlooked taste

So versatile for cooking, won’t go to waste

Rediscover the wine made by Solera

With tradition and craft – Viva Espagna!

‘Tis the Season we all make merry

Go on, I dare you, uncork a Sherry

Have a safe and fun Holiday Season


Paul Rickett

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