In case you are not aware, the BC Government is seeking input on potential liquor law reforms. The last full review of Liquor Laws in the Province was in 1999 and public input was not sought. So this is the very first time that you have the opportunity to have a direct say. In the last term some significant modernization (like BYOB) was undertaken so the Government has demonstrated it’s willingness to undertake change. Bowen fundraising organisations should be concerned as there are many restrictions today on how alcohol is used in fundraising.

I am interested in learning what you think should be changed so even if you choose not to submit anything directly, please let me know and I will consolidate in our submission.

If you would like to see changes in any aspect of when, where and what you drink then this is a key time to voice your opinion. The Government website is at Apparently, there will be a section for public comment being made available but it is not yet up.
Deadline for submissions is September 30. The Government is expecting to receive recommendations from it’s sub-committee headed by Suzanne Anton at the end of October so time is of the essence.
You can submit via email to the MLA charged with gathering input John Yap (Richmond) at
or Twitter @john_yap