We just received the first of Joie’s 2010 vintage – unoaked Chardonnay and their rather delicious Muscat. Noble Blend and Riesling will be in shortly too.

From Joie website
“MUSCAT 2010

Muscat holds a fond place in our travel memories to the north of Italy. There are many different types of Muscat but we particularly prize the fine white and yellow varieties. For our home vineyard, we chose to plant 2 acres of Moscato Giallo, also know as Goldenmuskateller or Yellow Muscat, depending on from where you originate. The 2009 vintage represents our first crop from our home vineyard. Muscat is an intensely aromatic varietal, both floral and fruity. While most other grape varieties seem to be at their best mimicking a broad spectrum of diverse flavours the true charm of Muscat is that it tastes as though you are actually enjoying the grapes themselves. That is why we call our Muscat “The Pure Grape”. “